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Who Cares What You Think
Published on July 17, 2009 By forefather1 In Humor

Well, here we go again. Just when you think you might see the light at the end of the tunnell, in walks Nancy Pelosi and kisses you with her chocalaty breath, and tells you dreams really can come true. I want to sexually dominate every democratic female in the house and senate. It is my dream. I have a dream.

 Martin Luther King would have to watch his mouth if he were alive today. Hate crimes, y'know? He absolutely hated homosexuals. Not so much as they hated him, but he applauded when his Sunday School teacher concluded the story of Sodom and Gommorah. King would often preach about how white homosexuals would one day saturate the democratic party. This is what scared the whites of the mid-century south. They had all experimented in 'bi-behaviour', but the blacks hardly ever snickered at them. That wasn't the problemo. No, the blacks were well behaved even as they are today. The problem was the way the 'straights' would walk around after church. But those days passed, and now who doesn't send his or her children to bed with the prayer for the persecuted homosexuals of Philadelphia, about two hours west of Sodom?

   So, did you make it to the party last night? I got home and,, oh this is so silly. All I'm saying is that I'm proud to live in a country where at least I know I'm free. Where I can walk around knowing what I know and know that those 'slimy bastards'(a popular drink of east Philadelphia)  know that I know and can't do anything about it, yet. Yet, I hope you might all meet me some day at the Republican convention, and...what will we do?

   I don't know, it must be me being so rich and right that has me singin' these cockroach blues. I just don't like seeing them over run the way they've been over running. I feel like spraying them, or stepping on them, or moving.

  In conclusion, I want to thank all my wonderful grade school teachers for never once mentioning same sex marriage all through my early education. Maybe there is hope afterall.

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